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romantic things Part 8
- If you are musically inclined, write a love song for your partner. Call it something like "Natasha's Song". 
Produce a professional looking manuscript, print it out and get it framed.Record your song onto CD and take a photo of your partner and get a print shop to create a CD cover if you can’t create one on your computer.  Place the framed manuscript and the CD in a box and give it to your partner as a special gift. 
- Pick your partner up for a date and blindfold her before driving to a special  destination.  Try to make the destination something really unexpected like a table set up at the top of a cliff or a dinner on a boat or old-fashioned ship. It needs to be something that will have an impact when she removes the blindfold.
- Have a really big pillow fight. Set up for it by buying two pillows that are filled with feathers. Put holes in the pillows so the feathers will start to fly and then attack your partner when you feel the time is right. 
- Get out into the great outdoors. After a day of hiking, build an open fire. Sit by the fire with your partner, toast marshmallows and watch as the embers of the fire climb into the night sky. 
-  If your partner uses a computer, take a photo of the two of you and get it  scanned at a print shop (or scan it at home) and store it on disk as a .bmp file. Transfer the file onto your partner's computer and set the image as the  computer's wallpaper.  To do this on a Windows machine, select Start / Settings / Control Panel /
Display. Choose the Background tab and click the Browse button to find your .bmp file.
- If you are artistically inclined, do a life drawing course, practice until you are confident and then ask your partner to pose for you. 
-  Develop a video time capsule. Start with the two of you sitting together on a couch introducing the video. Say something like, "It is currently July 14th
2002. We have decided to make this video so that we can watch it together  on our 25th wedding anniversary." Then have a section where you talk to the camera by yourself, telling the  camera how you feel about your partner and why you love her. Get her to do the same thing. When you are done, place the video in a bank vault and on  your 25th wedding anniversary you will be able to look back in time and reminisce about everything that you have shared.
-  If you are in a secluded spot near a beach or lake and the weather is warm,  go for an impromptu skinny dip with your partner. 
-  This one is great for long distance relationships. It takes a bit of organization but if you can pull it off, it is sure to be a surprise that your partner will never forget. Organize to catch up with her regularly over the internet using either a chat room or an Instant Messenger program. Then arrange a secret trip to meet her without telling her that you’re coming. 
When it comes time for your usual chat over the Net, arrange for a close  friend back home to log on using your nickname while you position yourself outside her door. Phone your friend on your mobile and be speaking to him in  real time. Tell him to type in the following sentence, “I really miss you honey, I wish I could be there and just reach out and knock on your door.” As soon as  he has sent the message, knock on the door!
-  Buy your partner a gold fish in a bowl and give it to her with a card saying,  “Of all the fish in the sea,  you're the fish for me!” 
- Go for a drive either early in the morning or at dusk. Get a CD/tape that  contains sounds of nature such as Sounds Of the Rainforest and play it as you hold your partner's hand and drive. 
-  The day before your partner's birthday buy some helium balloons, streamers  and flowers and hide them in a closet.  When your partner has fallen asleep, string the streamers around the room and bring out the balloons and flowers. Place them around the bed so that your partner wakes up to a real birthday surprise. 
- Spend a leisurely afternoon with your partner in a large book shop such as Borders where you can browse the shelves, share a coffee and sit down to peruse your purchases. 
- If you can afford it, hire a sports car for a weekend. Pick up your partner and give her a long white cashmere scarf to wear with her sunglasses. Go for a drive along the coast with the top down. 


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