Dental Tourism At: Rishi Multispeciality Dental Clinic
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A Complete Dental Care solution for all your dental needs. Your search for the world class dental treatment in INDIA, particularly GUJARAT ends here. Offering a great opportunity to experience Mystic India with World Class Dental Treatment where you save & Enjoy, both.


Today in this fast life, problems of teeth and gums are increasing in numbers and varieties both. People with different kinds of dental problems find it hard to get the correct guidance and proper management of all their dental needs and they have to rush from one place to another to different specialist dentists for management and treatment of different kinds of dental needs. Looking forward to this situation; leading dental practitioners have started a new concept of MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINICS where all different kinds of dental treatments are available under single roof where different specialist dentists visit according to the need of the patient to provide various dental treatments which help in savings of time and money both. RISHI MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC is one of the very few MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINICS in GUJARAT, INDIA where world class dental treatment is available with ultramodern instruments by different renowned specialty faculties in ambient, dust free, air conditioned & hygienic atmosphere. This is really a boon for the patients who do not have enough time to spend after various modalities of dental treatment needs and who still wanted their teeth and gums to be treated perfectly by the expert in their specialties; NRIS and executives fell in this group. This MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC concept is also very much helpful to the people who can not walk a lot such as elderly and physically disabled patients. These kinds of clinics are also helpful to child patients because they do not have to get adjusted to the clinic environment as they are happening to the same clinic moreover.




At RISHI MULTISPECIALITY DENTAL CLINIC; treatment available with different kinds of specialty are as per the following:




Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Tooth Whitening (In Office Bleaching)

  • Tooth Whitening (In Office Bleaching combined with Home bleach)

  • "Laser Smile TM" -the truly laser tooth whitening from USA

  • Non-Vital Bleaching

  • Space Closing / Diastema Closure

  • Composite Veneer

  • Porcelain Veneer




  • Fixed Crowns & Bridges

    1. Porcelain Fused to metal (PFM)

    2. Full Ceramic (Metal Free)

    3. Stainless Steel

    4. White Metal

  • Complete Removable Denture (CD / FD)

  • Partial Removable Denture (RPD)

  • Cast Partial Denture (CPD)

  • Implant Supported Over denture

  • Implant supported Full Mouth Rehabilitation





  • Root Canal Treatments (RCTs)

  • Repeat Root Canal Treatments

  • Apiceactomy

  • Peri Apical Curettage

  • Nonvital Bleaching

  • ENDO PERIO Combination Cases





  • Scaling & Polishing

  • Scaling & Root Planning

  • Full Mouth Flap Surgery

  • Flap Surgery with bone graft augmentation

  • Flap Surgery with Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)

  • Gingivectomy

  • Gingivoplasty

  • Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Treatments for Grade 2 / Grade 3 / Grade 4 Furcation involvements

  • Coronoplasty

  • Peri Coronal Flap Surgery

  • Treatment for mobile and functionally disabled teeth.

  • Treatment for Bad Breath (HALITOSIS)

  • ENDO PERIO Combination Cases




Oral Surgery

  • Normal Extractions

  • Carious Teeth Extractions

  • Root Pieces Extractions with OPEN METHOD

  • Impactions for Wisdom Teeth (THIRD MOLAR) Removal

  • Alveolectomy

  • Alveoplasty

  • Treatment for Restricted mouth opening (ORAL SUB MUCOUS FIBROSIS)

  • Implant Placement

  • Biopsy

    • Incisional

    • Excisional

    • Punch

    • Cytology

  • Road Traffic Accident Wound Care

  • Incision & Drainage

  • Drain Placement

  • Frenectomy

  • Treatment of Tongue – Tie

  • Treatment of Leukoplakia

  • Treatment of Lichen Planus

  • Treatment of Leukoderma

  • Treatment of All other Red & White Lesion




Pediatric Dentistry

  • Prophylaxis & Fluoride Therapy

  • Sealant Therapy

  • Deciduous Tooth Extraction

  • Tooth Colored Filling

  • Pulpotomy

  • Root Canal Treatments (RCT)

  • Apexogenesis

  • Apexification

  • Stainless Steel Crowns




  • Fixed Appliance Metallic

  • Fixed Appliance Tooth Colored

  • Lingual Orthodontics

  • Combined Lingual Orthodontics & Tooth Colored Brackets


Laser Dentistry

  • Bleaching

  • Impaction

  • Root Canal Treatment ( Particularly Re RCT cases)

  • OSMF Cases

  • Incisional Surgery

  • Cosmetic Surgeries

  • Treatment of Fluorosis

  • Treatment for Tongue Tie

  • Treatment for Leukoplakia

  • Implant Recovery

  • Treatment of Fibroma

  • Gingivectomy

  • Frenectomy

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