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text-autospace:none">Panchgani is located near about the Mahabaleshwar. It is 20Km far from the Mahabaleshwar  and spreads out over five hills ,it suited over the lap of Sahyadri mountain ranges. Panchgani name is made out of two terms 'Panch' and 'Gani', its mean that ‘five’ and 'hills’. It was a favorite summer resort for the British and Parsi families.  Panchgani has some lush green forests and valleys that is provide the amazing view


text-autospace:none">Panchgani or the “Mecca of Maharashrta” is a hill town known for its scenic beauty. It is most famous place to the honeymooner, who started the new life.


text-autospace:none">Some attractions of the Panchgani are

text-autospace:none">Rajpuri Caves

text-autospace:none">Rajpuri Caves in Panchgani is a religiously tourist point. There are many water kunds (ponds) around these Caves. People believe that taking bath in these kunds, they get the relief from all kinds of diseases.

text-autospace:none">Kamalgad Fort Pratapgad Fort (Pratapgarh fort was built by shivaji .Pratapgarh is near to Mahabaleshwar.)

text-autospace:none"> normal">Bhavani Temple

text-autospace:none">Lord Karthikeya temple

text-autospace:none">Dargah of Afzal Khan

text-autospace:none"> normal">Sydney Point Wai (Wai is located at the banks of Krishna Rive)


text-autospace:none">Panchgani has a pleasant weather all over year. September to May is the best time to visit Panchgani. Panchgani is famous for its boarding schools. These boarding schools attract many students from the nearby cities of Mumbai and Pune and the other city.  In Panchgani There are more than thirty boarding schools.


text-autospace:none">Some Boarding schools are

text-autospace:none">Pinewoods International High School

text-autospace:none">Anjuman-E-Islam Bharatiya Vidyapeeth

text-autospace:none">God's Valley International School

text-autospace:none">Sweet Memories High School

text-autospace:none">Codesh School

text-autospace:none">Happy Hours High School

text-autospace:none">New Era High School

text-autospace:none">Dawn Academy

text-autospace:none">Mahatma Phule Vidya Mandir

text-autospace:none">Panchgani International School

text-autospace:none">Shalom International High School

text-autospace:none">Cambridge High School

text-autospace:none">Vidya Niketan High School

text-autospace:none">Fidai Academy 

text-autospace:none">Billimoria High School


text-autospace:none">Panchgani hotels and resorts

text-autospace:none">Summer Plaza Resort

text-autospace:none">Cliff Inn Resort

text-autospace:none">Blue Country Resort

text-autospace:none">Lord's Resort

text-autospace:none">Lords Panchgani

text-autospace:none">Club Mount View Hotel

text-autospace:none">Hotel Surya Retreat

text-autospace:none">Hotel Ravine

text-autospace:none">Comfort Inn Dhanhills

text-autospace:none">Hotel Gitanjali


Panchgani has no railway station. The nearest railway station is Pune which is 100 km away from the panchgani .Pune is well connected to all cities in India by rail. Panchagani is well connected by road transport public bus services. 

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