Shri Krishna Janmabhoomi
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 Mathura is one of the older cities of India and located in the state of UP on the bank of Yamuna, This is a religious places of Hindu. This is the land where Shri Krishna was born in the cell of a prison, it is also known as the Brij Bhoomi. The culture of this city is so much rich.


none;text-autospace:none">The place is famous not only the religious place for its temples but also its beautiful river banks. It is famous for "Krishna Janmabhoomi temple”.


text-autospace:none">In accient time period this place was thickly forested and famous as "Madhuvan" then "Madhupara" and after it Mathura.


text-autospace:none">Shri Krishan Janambhumi

text-autospace:none">Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi in Mathura is an extensive complex. This complex has several big and small temples


text-autospace:none">Mathura famous place

text-autospace:none">Dwarkadheesh Temple

text-autospace:none">Shiva Temple

text-autospace:none">Vishram Ghat

text-autospace:none">Katra Masjid

text-autospace:none">Geeta Mandir

text-autospace:none">Sati Burj

text-autospace:none">Jama Masjid

text-autospace:none">Kans Fort

text-autospace:none">Goverdhan Hill

text-autospace:none">Rangbhumi Potara Kund


text-autospace:none">Mathura Museums 

text-autospace:none">Archaeological Museum

text-autospace:none">In 1874 British built it and it houses had the rare items from the gupta and Kushan period. The archeological museum is suited in the Dampier Park and it is a collection of archeological interest. In this museum you see the architectural fragments, stone sculptures, terracotta, bas-reliefs,pottery, old coins and bronze articles ,bricks, clay seals and paintings.


text-autospace:none">Government Museum In 1874 Goverment museum was establish  by F S Growse, in older time the name of this museum was Curzon Museum of Archaeology .Museum  have a good collection of  ancient pottery, gold, silver and copper coins ,stone sculptures and terracotta, clay seals,  paintings, and bronzes.


text-autospace:none">Mathura normal">Pedas are very famous in India during a visit to Mathura it is a shopping object. The Pedas of Mathura are famous for it’s their purity and its great taste.

text-autospace:none">Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) developed the Mathura Petrochemicals Plant and is an important part of the Indian petrochemical industry. Mathura Refinery was commissioned in the year 1982.


text-autospace:none">Mathura has a  some famous Engineering Colleges.

text-autospace:none">BSA College of Engineering & Technology

text-autospace:none">Hindustan College of Science & Technology

text-autospace:none">Sanjay Institute of Technology Management & Research

text-autospace:none">Sachdeva Institute of Technology

text-autospace:none">Ishwarchand Vidyasagar Institute of Technology

text-autospace:none">GLA Institute of Technology & Management


text-autospace:none">Degree college of Mathura

text-autospace:none">Brij Bihari Degree College

text-autospace:none">Kosikalan K.R. Degree College

text-autospace:none">Mathura K.R Girls Degree College

text-autospace:none">I.O.P. Degree College

text-autospace:none">B.S.A. Degree College

text-autospace:none">R.C.A Girls Degree College


text-autospace:none">Hotel in Mathura

text-autospace:none">Brijwasi Royal Hotel

text-autospace:none">Mukund Palace Hotel

text-autospace:none">Country Inn Kosi Hotel

text-autospace:none">Gaurav Hotel

text-autospace:none">Best Western Radha Ashok Hotel

text-autospace:none">Amar Yatri Niwas Hotel

text-autospace:none">Madhuvan Hotel

text-autospace:none">Abhinandan Hotel


text-autospace:none">The Mathura has its own railway station. It  is well connected by train with Agra , Sawai Madhopur ,Bharatpur and Kota or tthe other city of India.Regular train services are available from Mathura to Delhi. The nearest airport from Mathura is at Kheria in Agra.

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