Queen of Maharashtra
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text-autospace:none">Mahabaleshwar hill station, is located in the Western Ghats, cradled in the Sahyadri ranges and it is also famous as the "Queen of Maharashtra's" .the name of Mahabaleshwar are taken by the, Lord Shiva also called Lord Mahabali


Mahabaleshwar famous not only as a honeymoon spot but also, its historical and religious significance, and beatiful wather falls and for its sightseeing.

text-autospace:none">In 1834 to 1864, it was a jail for chinese & malay convicts. This jail had the capacity of 120 prisoners


Mahabaleshwar major attraction.

text-autospace:none">Elphinstone Point

text-autospace:none">Mahabaleshwar Club

text-autospace:none">Chinaman's fall (It come the Koyana Valley)

text-autospace:none">Catholic Church

text-autospace:none">Dhobi Waterfall 

text-autospace:none">Pratapgad Fort

text-autospace:none">Arthur's Seat

text-autospace:none">Mount Malcolm

text-autospace:none">Bombay Point(It is well known as the Sunset Point)

text-autospace:none">Lodwick Point

text-autospace:none">Lingamala Falls

text-autospace:none">Marjorie Point


text-autospace:none">Lake Venna 

text-autospace:none">Mapro Farm(famous for fresh fruit juices that are prepared in it like as strawberry shakes, fruit salads and ice creams)


text-autospace:none">Mahabaleshwar Temple:

text-autospace:none">Mahabali temple or Mahabaleshwar Temple  is located in old Mahabaleshwar. The 5 holy rivers Koyana, Krishna, Savitri, Gayatri and Venna have their origins in it.


text-autospace:none">Mahabaleshwar jungle is very thick.Jungle produces many commercial as well as medicinal plants and trees. The wild life is limited arround the jackals,Deers , wild boars and foxes.


text-autospace:none">Mahabaleshwar resorts, where the visitor will like to stay are:

text-autospace:none">Honey Wood Resort

text-autospace:none">Grand Resort

text-autospace:none">Sumanraj Resort

text-autospace:none">Saj Resort

text-autospace:none">Valley View Resort

text-autospace:none">Ramsukh Resort

text-autospace:none">Sherwood Resorts


text-autospace:none">Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

text-autospace:none">Gautam Hotel

text-autospace:none">Fountain Hotel

text-autospace:none">Brightland Holidays Hotel

text-autospace:none">Girivihar Hotel

text-autospace:none">Dreamland Hotel

text-autospace:none">Saket Plaza Hotel

text-autospace:none">Pratap Heritage Hotel

text-autospace:none">Sunny International Hotel


text-autospace:none">The nearest railway station from Mahabaleshwar is Wather, it is 62 km far from the city. But the Pune railway station is the more comparative as Wather due to better connectivity. And if you are going to Mahabaleshwar by air, you can board a flight till Pune.

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