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Haridwar is the main pilgrimages of Uttarakhand.Haridwar is the stuited around the Shivalik hills, where the holi river Ganga is come and down from the Himalayas and after that its meets the plains. Haridwar is also known as Gangadwar. Haridwar is come in the state of Uttaranchal in India.Mythology says that Haridwar is known as Kapilsthan during the old period. And suryavnshi Prince Bhagirath ruled on it.Come down the ganga in the earth he done the very hard prayer but at last he get the sucess to come down the ganga on the earth.A major Shaktipeeth from time immemorial, the place is believed to have both sanctified by the powerful trinity of Hindu mythology : Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh


Haridwar have a history that traces to the Hinduism mythology. Haridwar is the one of most popular pilgrimage destination in India.It is place of GOD.The nature lovers and the and that people who beleve in GOD, this place provide the heavenly atmosphere, and attached spiritually to the GOD by heart. Hariwar is the one of the pilgrimages place where the Kumbha Mela is organized.If you want to see Haridwar beauty,come in during the time of fair. you will be teased out of your thought by its sheer magnitude. Haridwar is place of religious but also have a many center for learning science ,arts and culture.


The list of attractions in Haridwar are

Har Ki Pauri was constructed by King Vikramaditya. Ganga aarti at the Har:Ki:Pauri is very religious.

Rishikesh, around 28 km off Haridwar is interesting site for experience of natural beauty and undiscovered wildlife awaits

Mansa Devi

Chandi Devi

Sapt Rishi

Gurukul Kangri University

Beauty Point

Neel Dhara

Pakshi Vihar

Daksha Mahadev Temple

Maya Devi

bharat Mata Mandir


Hotel in Haridwar------------------ Premium Hotels.........

Haveli Hari Ganga Hotel Haridwar

Sagar Ganga Resort Haridwar

Country Inn and Suites Haridwar

Ginger Hotel Haridwa

Alakananda Hotel Haridwar


Other economy hotels of Haridwar

Hotel Neelkanth

Haridwar Hotel

Midtown Hotel

Hotel Suryodaya, Haridwar

Hotel Shiva, Haridwar

Janhvi Dale, Haridwar

Hotel Pramila, Haridwar


Other budget hotels of Haridwar

Hotel Mayur, Haridwar

Hotel Trishul, Haridwar

Hotel Himgiri International

Hotel Har Ki Pouri

Hotel Regency, Haridwar

Hotel Mansarovar International

Hotel Alpana, Haridwar

Hotel Suvidha Deluxe

Hotel Lee Grand, Haridwar

Hotel Khanna Palace

Hotel Sachin International

Hotel Maha Laxmi

Santosh Regency, Haridwar


Ashrams and Dharamshala in Haridwar

There are more than 300 Ashrams and Dharamshalas in Haridwar . These Ashrams and Dharamshalas take nominal fees.


Some of the popular Ashrams are..........

Yogananda Yogashram

Name of Swamiji: Sri Yogananda Saraswati in Sapta Sarover


Ananda Van Siddeshwar Mahadev mandir

Name of Swamiji : Sachchidananda Ji Maharaj, in Jigyasu Ashram, Sapta Sarover Road ,Haridwar


Soham Ashram

President : Sri Sw. Vivekananda Ji Maharaj in Bhupatwal Near haridwar city Near haridwar city Near haridwar city


Umeshwar Dham

Name of Swamiji : Sw. Satguru Dev Paramhansa Uma Bharti Ji Maharaj in Sapta Sarover Marg


Parmarth Ashram, Sukhdevananda

Trust Manager : Sw. Mangalanand Saraswati in Sapta Sarover


Sri Madhwashram

Name of Swamiji : Sri Ram Vithala Turst in 336, Haripur Kalan, Sapta Sarower


Sri Sadhu Guru Kabir Gurukul Ashram

Manager : Sri Dev Narayan Das in Sapta Sarover


Hari Sharanam Satsanga Bhavan

Manager : Sw. Shailendracharaya Ji in Ananada Van, Haripur Kalan


Sri Bhrama Nivas Ashram

President : M.M Parmarth Dev Ji in Sapta Sarover Road ,Haridwar


Vivek Niketan

Name of Swamiji : Sw. Vivekanad Ji Maharaj in Ananada Van, Sapta Sarover


Shivananda Ashram

Founder : Sri 1008 Shivananada Ji Maharaj in Sapta Sarover Road ,Haridwar


Jai Maa Ashram

Caretaker : Jyoti Maa Usha Mata Ji Maharaj in Motichoor


Mataji's Ashrams in city Haridwar

These ashrams are exclusively for womens in city Haridwar. Some of the famous Mataji Ashrams in Haridwar are:

Anandamai Maa in Daksha Prajapati Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Basanti Ashram in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Santoshi Ashram in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Tripura Yoga Ashram in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Parvati Ashram in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Balabharti Ashram in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Mahila Milan Mandir in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Gita Bharti in Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Santoshi Maa Ashram in Shravana Nath Nagar

Ashram : Bhuma Shakti Peeth in Sanyas Marg, Kankhal Near haridwar city

Ashram : Radha Mai Ashram in Shravana Nath Nagar

Ashram : Sri 1008 Sri Shubha murti Maa in Niranjani Akahara Road

Ashram : Radha Mai Ashram in Bhima Goda

Ashram : Janki Mai Ashram in Bhima Goda

Ashram : Mira Krishna Kunj in Bhima Goda

Ashram : Sita Mai Ashram in Bhima Goda

Ashram : Navajyoti Ashram in Bhima Goda

Ashram : Lalita Yoga Ashram in Bhima Goda


For the thousand of pilgrims, people, tourists and visitors, reaching by train. Railway Station of Haridwar is connected with major cities and towns of the country.


Main trains that pass through the Haridwar Junction are..........

Sangam Express Janshatbdi Express Gorakhpur Dehradun Express Upasana Express Dehradun Shatabdi Hemkunt Express Ujjaini Express Dehradun Indore Express Uttaranchal Express Dehradun Madras Express Haridwar Allahabad Express

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