Nagina:A historical town ofWooden Handicraft work
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Post By : Rohit: Student of B.A 2nd yr

Nagina town is lie in India, state Uttar Pradesh and district Bijnor. This city is also called the  WOOD CRAFT CITY because in this city many people manufacture the wooden handicrafts.


The reason of manufacturing the wooden handicraft is it have many type of wood like -------

Rose wood, sheesham wood, haldu wood


Now the people use the modern technique to make the handicraft things. Handicraft work is establish in Nagina in late 18th century.


This town has the many beautiful places to purpose of truism.The place are in this city as follow-------


Big Mandi

Sunahri Masjid

Gandhi Moorti

H.I.C. Field

Jama Masjid

In Nagina have a 2 stare hotels that provide the good food facility. Tula Ram restaurant is very famous in Nagania. 

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