Some speciality about Najibabad
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The Najibabad town is a city and a municipal board in Bijnor district in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, deveelop by  Najib-ud-Daula, a Rohilla chief in the mid-18th century, who also built Pathargarh Fort..In British period, Pathargarh fort was used by dacoit, Sultana  


Najibabad have five sites, protected by Archaeological Survey of India - Mordhaj also known as Munawar Jar with lofty mound  Cemetery of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula  Portion of the old PalacePathargarh Fort   Tomb of Nawab Najib-ud-Daula  


Najibabad well connected to all major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand via National Highways Marg #119 and #74 . 


Najibabad also has an All India Radio center,and important trade center  like sugar timber, and grain Important  manufacturing units in najibabad which deal with shoes, blankets, metal and cotton. And also The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia USA. And, Furniture Manufacturing and Petrochemicals Trading etc. 


Education in Najibabad

In Najibabad theire is good facility of the education .There are so many colleges and schools that provide the bright future of the student .the main colleges are as follow…….. 


Colleges in Najibabad

Sahu Jain Degree college (SJC)

Rama jain Girl Degree colleges

MDKV Girls inter College

MDS Inter college

GIC Inter college  

Owner of Times of India basically belong  from Najibabad.

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