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Professional Associates
Post By : Asif Sahu
Address 102-A, Memdoot Block, Mustafa Town, WhadatRoad, Lahore, Pakisan
City Lahore
Phone No. 00924235295511.
Mobile 00923324346150




1.       General. Professional Associates (Regd.) is a registered company under the companies Partnership Act 1932. Our main task is to look after the interest of Financial Institutions against their financing in Pledged Stock, Valuation, Stock Inspection and Custom’s Clearing Agents.  


2.       Vision of Our Company: -        §         Proper, ethical & straightforward business approaches. Accurate verification of the stock which borrower has pledged or hypothecated with the Bank   §         Physical verification of the pledged / hypothecated stock & working out their existing / actual market value. 


3.       Muccadam / Inspection Verification Process : - During the process of inspection and verification of pledged stocks and hypothecated stock we check that: -  


  • Pledge stocks are placed at open or under lock & key.


  • Stock Register and bin cards are properly maintained.


  • Muccadam ID card and CNIC of Godown Keeper(s) are to be check.


  • Name boards of the Financial Institutions are displayed for record, verification & documentation purposes.


  • Prepare & submit comprehensive reports regarding location of warehouse, security measures, DP Calculation, Fire Fighting Arrangements.


  • Always keep the Financial Institutions Informed about the status of pledge stock during inspection and verification of pledged and hypothecated stocks.


  • Always keep the interest of Financial Institutions at priority by putting market value of the stocks.


  • Rates to be put according to market rate and according to the authentic way that is acceptable to the Bank and Financial Institutions.


MUCCADAM: -   M/s. Professional Associates is managing a team of professionals, efficient and hard working personnel. The system set by us is to ensure proper control for that reason our site staff are in touch with our head office Lahore on daily basis, to report and receive the instructions. Our Supervisory staff and senior persons from office make unplanned checks all the month round. Our strict measures and our vide experience is managing various goods that helps us in safeguarding banks interest from both legal and practical perspectives.  


VALUATION: -   M/s. Professional Associates is providing a number of services to various banks including Evaluation. Our evaluation team consists of engineering professionals who have a vast experience in providing valuation of Property, plant machinery and equipment.   We are geared to assist you in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Multan and Sukhur in the followings,  


1)                 Measurement and realizable market valuation of land.

2)                 Valuation of residential, commercial and industrial purpose construction,

3)                 Valuation of industrial plants, machinery and equipment.

4)                 Inspection of Stocks pledged and hypothecated.

5)                 Valuation of Stocks of Raw Materials and Finished Goods.  


Recently, these services are being utilized by the following banks.  

1)                 Habib Bank Limited

2)                 Bank Alfalah Limited   

3)                 Emirate Global Islamic Bank

4)                 National Bank of Pakistan

5)                 The Bank of Khyber

6)                 Modarabas Association of Pakistan (MAP)

7)                 Leasing Association of Pakistan (LAP)  



Our Team is professional that is equipped to facilitate the following:  

a)                 Identification of Properties

b)                 Checking of property either it legal or illegal occupied.

c)                   Conducting Measurements of land.

d)                 Determining market Value, forced sale value and auction value, thereof.    

Apart from the above, our professional team has also expertise in the followings:  

a)     Checking, certification and Inspection of industrial equipment and machinery.

b)     Valuation of project at various stages of installation, in accordance with specifications of the contract done.  

During the valuation process, we adopt the following procedure.  


Stage 1 #:      

1.      List of plant and machinery as per client requirement is made.

2.      Property documents i.e. Registry, Sale Deed, Site Plan are demanded.

3.      Site visit are initiated to survey Plant and Machinery with reference to condition, year of manufacturing and others.

4.      Civil Works i.e. type of construction and land is measured.  


Stage 2 #:  

1.      Import documents, Invoices are requested from the client.

2.      Queries are made from the market for the current prices.

3.      Civil works are evaluated.

4.      Market study is initiated to obtain current land prices.  


Once all the information is gathered, current prices are worked out in reference to the condition, use, maintenance, age of building & Machinery and others.     


STOCK INSPECTION: -   We are also managing a team of professionals and hard working personnel, who are working with their full efficiency. We have visited and verified more than 1800 sites of pledged and Hypothecation through out Pakistan.   During Stock Inspection we check the following things;  

1)     Position of stock.

2)     Company ID card of Muccadam.

3)     CNIC to be checked.

4)     Bin Cards to be checked.

5)     Bank Board to be checked.

6)     Quality and Quantity of stock is verified as per stock report.

7)     Security Measures are also checked.

8)     Rates are put according to market quotation.

9)     Fire Fighting arrangements are seen.  


Recently, this service is being utilized by   v     M/s. Habib Bank Ltd v     M/s. Bank Alfalah Limited v     M/s. Emirates Global Islamic Bank v     M/s. Al-Baraka Islamic Bank  


RE-POSSESSION OF VEHICLE: -   M/s. Professional Associates is also providing services for the repossession of vehicle. During the process, the following procedure adopted.  

1)     We trace the area of Vehicle.

2)     After recovering the vehicle, we immediately inform the concerned Police Station.

3)     Vehicle is then taken to Bank’s premises immediately.  


CUSTOM’S CLEARING AND FORWARDING: -   A part from providing services of Muccadam, Valuation, Repossession of Vehicle and Recovery for financial Institutions, we have a full network with experienced staff to handle consignments financed by the banks for the customers and individual customers also.     Our professional team has experience of handling various types of goods, including cotton, polyester, cotton Yarn, Sugar, Chemical, Steel, Electric Products, spare part, rape seed, papers, vehicles, computers.  

We are geared to assist you at Karachi, Sukhur, Multan, Sahiwal, Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.        



1.         Name of the Company              Professional Associates (Regd.)  

2.         Established                                           2007  

3.         Type of Organization.                           Registered.  

4.         Registration No.                                   3946  

5.         Date of incorporation                            11 June 2007  

6.         NTN Number of Company                   3076230-8  

7.         Email ID  

8.         Place of Issue.           Lahore  

9.         Principal Office                        Lahore  

10.       Branch Offices                          Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan and Karachi.                                              


WATCH & CONTROL SYSTEM                                                            

ASIF SHAHZAD SAHU                                                       Managing Director                                                                                                                                                           Mr. Z. H. Shah   M. AKRAM   JAWAD QURESHI   IJAZ


 DIRECTOR MARKETING   MARKETING   CHIEF ACCOUNTANT   LAHORE BR. MANAGER   Inspection, Valuation                                                                                        

ALL BRANCHES                               ACCOUNTS                               (Head Office)                                                     ALL BRANCHES                                 CHECKING                                 DIRECT REPORT to MD        

SURVEYOR   VALUATIONS   INSPECTIONS                                                                                                             Mr. Aslam Hayat   Mr. M. Nawaz   Mr. Mukhtar   Mr. Asad Hayat   Mr. Falak Shear         Partner   Region   Region   Region   Region         Karachi / Sukhur   Gujranwala   Islamabad   Faisalabad   Multan  




M/S. Professional Associates (Regd.)   LOCATION OF OFFICES / ADDRESS  



102-A, Memdoot Block, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore

Tel : - 042-35295511

Fax: - 042-35295510

Cell: - 0332-4346150

Email: -  

Contact Person: - Mr. Asif Shahzad    



Office # 20-A, 9th Floor, R.K Square Extension, New Challi, Sharah-e-Liaquat, Karachi.

Tel / Fax: - (021) 32461098

Cell: - 0321-6887029  

Contact Person: - Mr. M. Aslam



Office # 214, Masood Plaza, Opp. Govt. Girls College, Khyban-e-Sir Syed, Rawalpindi

Tel / Fax : - 051-4834255  

Contact Person: - Mr. Walyat Hussain



Office # 4, 2nd Floor, Bilal Building, Police Lines Road, Multan

Tel / Fax: - 061-4031999  

Contact Person: - Mr. Saeed Ahmed



M/s. Professional Associates (Regd) is managing a team of professionals and hardworking personnel, who are working with their full efficiency. The System set by us is to insure proper control for that reason our site staff are in touch with the Head Office on daily basis, to report and receive instructions. Our Supervisory staff makes surprise checking on pledged stocks all month. Our strict and vast experience helps us in safeguarding banks interest. Recently, M/s. Professional Associates (Regd) is enjoying the pleasure of being enlisted with the following banks throughout their all over Pakistan branches,  


  1. Habib Bank Ltd. (Enlisted as stock Inspector)


  1. Bank Alfalah Limited(Enlisted as stock inspector)


  1. Al-Baraka Islamic Bank Ltd (Enlisted as Muccadam and Evaluator)


  1. Pakistan Bank’s Association(Enlisted on all three panels 1 ,2 and 3)

(800 Million Limit at Panel 1, 2 & 3)  

  1. The Bank of Khyber(Enlisted as valuator)


  1. Emirates Global Islamic Bank(Enlisted as Muccadam, Valuator, Stock Inspector)


  1. Innovative Investment Bank Ltd (Enlisted as Muccadam, Valuator, Stock Inspector, Surveyor)


  1. Modarabas Association of Pakistan(Enlisted as valuator)

Through its members

1)                  Allied Rental Modaraba

2)                  Al-Zamin Leasing Modaraba

3)                  B. F. Modaraba

4)                  BRR Guardian Modaraba

5)                  First Al-Noor Modaraba

6)                  First Constellation Modaraba

7)                  First Elite Capital Modaraba

8)                  First Equity Modaraba

9)                  First Fidelity Leasing Modaraba

10)              First Habib Bank Modaraba

11)              First Habib Modaraba

12)              First IBL Modaraba

13)              First Imrooz Modaraba

14)              KASB Modaraba

15)              First National Bank Modaraba

16)              First Pak Modaraba

17)              First Paramount Modaraba

18)              First Prudential Modaraba

19)              First Punjab Modaraba

20)              First Treet Manufacturing Modaraba

21)              First UDL Modaraba

22)              Modaraba Al-Mali

23)              Standard Chartered Modaraba

24)              Trust Modaraba

25)              Fist Islamic Modaraba

26)              First Tri-Star Modaraba  


9 . Leasing Association of Pakistan(Enlisted as valuator)

Through its members  

1)                  Al-Zamin Leasing Modaraba

2)                  Askari Leasing Limited

3)                  Capital Assets Leasing Corporation Limited

4)                  Crescent Leasing Corporation Limited

5)                  Escort Investment Bank Ltd

6)                  First Dawood Investment Bank Ltd

7)                  First Fidelity Leasing Modaraba

8)                  First Habib Bank Modaraba

9)                  First Habib Modaraba

10)              Grays Leasing Limited

11)              IGI Investment Bank Ltd

12)              Intanational Multi Leasing Corporation Ltd

13)              NBP Capital Ltd

14)              Network Leasing Corporation Ltd

15)              ORIX Leasing Corporation Ltd

16)               Pak Gulf Leasing Company Ltd

17)              Pakistan Industrial & Commerce Leasing Ltd.

18)              Pak Oman Investment Company Ltd

19)              Saudi Pak Leasing Company Ltd

20)              Security Leasing Corporation Ltd.

21)              Sigma Leasing Corporation Ltd

22)              SME Leasing Corporation Ltd

23)              Standard Chartered Leasing Ltd

24)              Trust Investment Bank Ltd

25)              Universal Leasing Corporation Ltd  


Further with out enlistment, on the basis of our PBA enlistment, we have also done Vehicle Valuations of National Bank of Pakistan  

  1. National Bank of Pakistan(Working as valuator)


S. No Name of Key Person Experience in Field

01     Asif Shahzad Sahu Having 08 years experience in the field of Muccadam, Valuation and Custom Clearing Agent. He worked at senior posts at major cities of Pakistan. 


02 Aslam Hayat Partner of the Firm having 20 Years experience at Engineering Department of Pakistan Atomic Commission. Worked with well reputed Muccadam and Evaluation firms for 07 Years at Major Cities of Pakistan.


03 Muhammad Jawad MBA in Accounts and having an experience of 9 years to maintain the accounts and to file the final returns of income taxes. Worked with Mumtaz Bakhtawar Memorial Hospital as Chief Accountant, and also worked with Guard Filters as Chief Accountant here.


04 Asad Raza Having an experience of 12 years of Marketing and Surveyor of all kind of Assets especially in the field of Cotton, Yarn, Oil, Oil Cake, Rice, Paddy and steel in Punjab.


05 Ijaz Omer MBA in Marketing. Engaged with banks in the marketing of auto loans for three years. He joined M/s. Professional Associates (Regd.) in the month of September 2007 at the post of in-charge of Surveyors.



S. No Name of Supervisor Experience in Field

01 Mr. Khalil Ahmed (Chief Engineer) Engineer of the Firm having 08 Years Working Experience with Different Pakistani and Foreign Companies. He has done his BSC in Engineering in 2002. He has also worked with local Government of Lahore as an Engineer and completed many projects of Punjab Government. 


02 Mr. Yasir (Engineer) Engineer of the firm having 12 Years Working Experience with Evaluation Companies.  03   Ghulam Mustafa (Surveyor) 36 years old belonging to the area of Rice and Paddy,


Sheikhupura. Having an experience of 15 Years at Different Pledged Monitoring Organizations of Rice, Paddy, Cotton, Textile and Steel and 02 years experience in the field of Valuation of both Moveable and immoveable.


03 Azam Malik (Surveyor) 32 Years old belonging to the area of Dera Ismail Khan. Having experience of 10-12 years in pledged monitoring departments of different organizations. He handled the sites of Textile and Steel mostly.


04 M. Bashir (Surveyor) 37 years old belonging to the area of best quality producing rice and paddy, Hafizabad. He has experience of in the field of Rice and Paddy.


05 M. Atif Shah (Surveyor) 25 Years old belonging to the area of Muzaffar Garh, Multan. Having 6 years experience in the field of Cotton (Phutty), Oil, Oil Cake, Textile and Rape Seed. He worked as Supervisor with highly reputed firms.


  A part from this supervisory staff, our key persons and upper management also survey the sites.   

 Experties in Handling and Checking of Assets  

The Management of Professional Associates has experties in handling the following commodities  

v     Open Land Agriculture / Commercial / Residential

v     Building complete / at different stages

v     Raw Material v     Rice and Paddy

v     Cotton Phutty (Raw Cotton)

v     Oil Seed v     Seed Cake

v     Cotton Bales

v     Yarn v     Polyester Bales and Viscose Bales

v     Plastic Molding Compound (PMC)

v     Silk and Grey Cloth

v     Wheat

v     Flour and related items

v     Food Items v     Hides and Skins

v     Steel Products v     Iron Products

v     Chemical and Dyes

v     Petroleum Products

v     Sugar

v     Electronic Items

v     Cosmetic Items  


Professional Associates has done and verified these above said fixed assets and moveable assets through different clients and banks.   Further, we have also the experienced staff to verify any commodity regarding its configuration, any where in Pakistan with in a shortest possible time.                           Business of Done by Professional Associates  


S. No. Bank Name Survey Done (Appox.)

01 Habib Bank Ltd 1900-Survey

02 Bank Alfalah Limited 310-Survey

03 Emirates Global Islamic Bank Ltd 25-Survey

04 Al-Baraka Islamic Bank Ltd 10-Survey

05 National Bank of Pakistan 450-Survey


A part from this, we are also directly providing our evaluation services to corporate and multinational clients.  


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