Femtosecond - Bladeless or Blade free Cataract eye surgery Mumbai (222)

Himanshu Mehta
Address The Vission Eye Center, 101, Hiralaya Building, N S Road No. 10, Near Laxmikant Chowk, Juhu Scheme Juhu Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
City Mumbai
Phone No. 02226186262.
Mobile 9769011321
Email vissioneyeseo@gmail.com


Dr. Himanshu Mehta ophthalmologist (The Vission Eye Center) since along time. new vission laser center of site have pioneered the introduction of the latest techniques of bladeless or bladeless cataract eye surgery and care in mumbai india. and have helped to stablish the standerd of care in terms of refractive and bladeless or blade free catyaract surgery in Mumba In India.   www.vissioneyes.com/cataract-surgery-treatment.php


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