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Post By : Anjay Thakur
Address Bhadraghat, Gulzarbagh,
Phone No. 0612-2632555.

 The clinic is named after Susruta who is considered to be the father of surgery in India.

Susruta (Sanskrit: सुश्रुत 800 BC) was an ancient Indian surgeon and is the author of the book Susruta Samhita, in which he describes over 300 surgical procedures and 120 surgical instruments and classifies human surgery in eight categories. He lived, taught and practiced his art on the banks of the Ganges in the area that corresponds to the present day city of Varanasi in North India.

Because of his seminal and numerous contributions to the science and art of surgery he is also known by the title "Father of Surgery." Much of what is known about this inventive surgeon is contained in a series of volumes he authored, which are collectively known as the "Susruta Samhita".

Susruta Surgical Clinic was established by Late Dr. Rajeshwar Thakurin 1975 after his return from England. It moved to its present location at Bhadraghat, situated near the banks of river Ganga in 1991. Dr. Thakur started this humble place with a deep consideration for the medical profession to give genuine and ethical treatment to the people suffering from medical problems. Heading the various prestigious positions in the medical field, Dr. Thakur did a lot for the betterment of medical profession in Bihar. He was the first person to start Laparoscopic Surgery ( minimal invasive surgery ) in Bihar. He conducted various laparoscopic workshops in the clinic and trained many doctors in this field so that this form of safer surgical methods can be adopted in Bihar which would benefit the patients and which had a faster recovery time.

Today Susruta Surgical Clinic still functions on the ethics and Principles set by Late Dr. Thakur. Dr. Thakur believed in introspection and self-improvement. His meditation and self-reflection allowed him to have confidence in himself and in his abilities while still maintaining a humility befitting those of genuine caliber. Dr. Thakur worked relentlessly towards his goals and served as a critical link between the past, present and future. His family stands committed to carrying forward the ideals of his life as well as continuing Dr. Thakur’s legacy of service characterized by compassion and dignity towards all mankind. The Clinic has constantly been improving itself for the benefit of the patients. The various Doctors that were trained under him is working with the same devotion towards his vision.

Susruta Surgical Clinic has many firsts to its credit.

  • The first Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (Lap Chole) in Bihar was carried out 1993.

  • The first Micro Hair Transplant in Bihar was conducted in September 2010.

The Clinic offers services in Surgery, Laparoscopic surgery, Urology, Gynaecology, Plastic, Cosmetic and LASER surgery and Medicine.

These operations are been performed at Susruta Surgical Clinic

Lap Chole

Lap App




PCNL for Kidney stone.

Laparoscopic Pylolithtomy for Kidney stone.

Ureterorenoscopy for Ureteric stone.

Laparoscopic Urerolithotomy for Ureteric stone.

E.S.W.L. for stones.

Laparoscopic Nephrectomy.

Laparoscopic Pyloplasty.

TUR-P for Prostate.

TUR-BT for Bladder Tumour.

V.I.U. for stricture Urethra.

Cystolithotrity for Bladder stone.

Reconstructive Urology

V.V.F. Repair for Fistula between Bladder and Vagina.

U.V.F. Repair for Fistula between Ureter and Vagina.

Hypospadias repair.

Ureteroplasty for stricture uretha.

Scortoplasty for F.S.T.

Laparoscopic and open radical Nephrectomy for kidney malignancy.

Laparoscopic and open Nephrouretectomy for T.C.C. kidney

Laparoscopic and open radial Cystectomy for Bladder cancer

Radical Prostatectomy for early Prostate carcinoma.

Amputation of penis + B/L GND for cancer Penis.

RPLND for Testicular cancer

High Inguinal Orchidectomy for Testicular Malignancy

Erectile dysfunction treatment for impotence and erection problem.

Surgery for stress incontinence.

Medical T/t or lower urinary tract symptom

Medical T/t for recurrent UTI

Surgery for Vault Prolapse

General Plastic Surgery.

Advanced Cleft Lip and Palate surgery including secondary revisions.

Complex Burn Reconstructions.

Reconstruction of complex wounds (Bed sore, post traumatic, post surgical resection etc.).

Facial, Faciomaxillary Surgeries for facial trauma and fractures.

Congenital anomalies (syndactyly, Hypospadias, Epispadias, congenital face deformities, limb deformities).

Haemangiomas, Vascular malformations and Varicose vein.

Micro Hair Transplantation (permanent Hair Transplantation)

Liposuction (Permanent fat removal)

Scar Revision (Microscopic scar revision)

Dermabrasion, Derma roller, Fat Grafting

Surgery for Vitiligo (white patch on skin)

Facial surgeries

Removal of ACNE scars and other facial scars under microscope,.

Rhinoplasty ( Nose Job)

Otoplasty (Reconstruction of ear)

Cheek and Chin Augmentation.

Wrinkle lift

Botox,  Mesotheraphy

Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

Thigh lift

Arm lift

Buttock lift

Fat Grafting

Breast Implant (Augmentation)

Breast Reduction.

Breast lift

Correction of MALE breast (gynaecomastia)

Post Onco Surgery complete reconstruction of  breast.

Penile enhancement

Vaginal Tightening.

Gender restoration

Replantation of completely severed parts of fingers, hands, & toes. (success of the replantation depends on mode of injury and time since injury)

Hand and Micro surgery ( Tendon Repair & transfer, Nerve Repair & Transplant, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, compression neuropathy, Infections and injuries to the hand, Brachial plexus surgery)

Microsurgical reconstruction  of  Complex defects following trauma, burn, Onco surgical resection & Contractures.

Reanastomosis of  Fallopian Tubes (Undoing of Tube Ligation).



Open surgeries

Laparoscopic surgeries like laparoscopic cholecystectomy(Lap chole), lap apppendix (lap app) and various other laparoscopic procedures.

Diagnostic laparoscopic procedures


Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

3 Brand new Fresenius 4008S NG dialysis machines


Dialysis for Hepatitis C positive patients



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