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Lucky Stars App
City Bandra, Mumbai
Phone No. (+91 22) 6123 2121.

justify;line-height:normal;background:white" class="MsoNormal">Lucky Stars is a free to download mobile app for iOS and Android, through which you can "Win Gifts" via lucky draws that you participate in for free, without having to purchase any product or service. Registered users can participate in the 4 types of Lucky draws: Classic Draws held practically daily and Mega, Bumper and Super Duper Draws held periodically. In-app notifications will be sent to all users announcing the opening and closing of various lucky draws. The gifts that can be won through each lucky draw can be viewed prior to participation. To enter a lucky draw, users must answer a simple question and only correct answers will qualify their entry into the draw. If an answer is wrong, the user gets a second question, failing which a final third question. If all 3 answers are incorrect, the user will not be allowed to participate in that specific draw.

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justify;line-height:normal;background:white" class="MsoNormal">Winners are chosen randomly and will be notified through the app, as well as through an email. Lucky Stars. It's a fun way to win gifts for free!

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